Iqbal Elyazar: Peta distribusi Plasmodium vivax Indonesia

Iqbal Elyazar: Peta distribusi vektor malaria Indonesia

Iqbal Elyazar: Spatial epidemiology for malaria control and elimination in indonesia

Isra Wahid: Survey entomologi dalam upaya eliminasi malaria di Indonesia

Ivo Mueller: Tracking the beast measuring: malaria transmission and modern tools for malaria surveillance

José A. Nájera: Notes on the history of the malaria eradication campaign

Jan Rozendaal: Analysis routine surveillance data

Jan Rozendaal: Malaria situation analysis for district health services

Jan Rozendaal: Preparation malaria work plan based on local evidence

Jan Rozendaal: Prepatory surveys in selected high case incidence localities

Kimberly Mace: CDC domestic malaria surveillance and services provided to citizens of the US

Lukman Hakim: Survei dinamika penularan malaria

Marcel Tanner: Mathematical modeling for malaria eradication

Maxine Whittaker: Case study: Scaling up the Sabang model into Aceh province, Indonesia

Marcel Tanner: Integrating malaria elimination programs with health systems

Marcia Castro: Environmental determinants of malaria and environmental interventions

Marcia Castro: Social-cultural determinants of malaria incidence

Marcel Tanner: Science of eradication Malaria 2013 case studies: Pacific Islands and Zanzibar

Ned Hayes: Lessons learned from disease eradication campaigns

Nurul Amin: Situasi malaria sulawesi selatan 2010-2013